Sustainable Home Showcase

Resilient Carterton has run a series of articles in the Carterton Crier about people in Carterton who have either retrofitted their existing homes or included sustainable features in their new builds, to help make their homes warmer and more energy efficient.

Off grid in Hinau Gully

When you generate all your own energy, you have to be efficient.

Creating an energy efficient house

A range of changes makes a difference.

Helen's house

Curtains instead of double-glazing.

The original article

Describing the purpose of the series.

Eco-house: energy saving and cozy living

The design features of this house showing their benefits 16 years later.

Off-grid and loving it

The normal looking house is an energy-efficient design.

Water conservation

Rain water collection provides a 40% reduction in use of the town supply.

Recycling wastewater into clean water

Dry summers and only rainfall supply require a grey and blackwater system.

Sustainable Old Villa

Focusing on energy and water efficiency.

A house within a house

An air cavity around the inner house retains heat.

Not too hot, not too cold

The benefits of a straw bale house.

Straw-bale house

Straw bales provide good insulation, are earthquake resistant and fire resistant.