Celebrate Carterton - Sunday 4 March 2018

Carterton has a glittering array of clubs, societies, service groups, charities and much, much more. Think you know all about the various groups that are doing things in our community? On this day, you'll find out at Celebrate Carterton on Holloway St and the Events Centre. We want to celebrate our district with a fun day of activity, finding out interesting things and catching up with people old and new. 

The street will be blocked off and there will be plenty to do and see both outside and inside:

  • Dance, music and performance
  • Hobbyists demonstrating what they do
  • Story telling
  • Information tables and exhibits
  • Short presentations in the auditorium
  • Longer presentations in the Committee room
  • Tea, coffee and a sit-down in the Youth Centre

Clubs and organisations

Your chance to let your community know what it is that you do, when you do it, where you do it, how you do it and you might pick up some new members and supporters and volunteers.

Celebrating Carterton Wordle

The Event - 10am to 4pm Sunday 4th March 2018

There will be exhibition stalls for all the organisations that register and a scheduled and advertised programme of performances and presentations:

  • Outdoor - music, dance and performance in a space front of the library building
  • Auditorium - roughly 5 minute presentations on what your group does
  • Committee room - 12 minute sessions for groups that need a quieter space to explain/show what they do

There will be room for sports clubs to set up hoops etc to show off some skills.

Register your organisation

Registrations are now open for not-for-profit and community organisation who wish to exhibit and participate at this event. You should have received an invitation to this event and to register, if not This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Organisations that register before December 22nd are eligible for the early bird rate of $15 for single space and $30 for double space.

After 22nd December, the standard rate will apply of $20 for single space and $40 for double.

If your organisation has minimal funds and/or the registration would cause you undue hardship, please contact us and we will consider waiving the fee for your organisation.

Partnership with Carterton District Council

Carterton District Council LogoResilient Carterton is proud to be partnering with Carterton District Council in putting on this event, promoting the wide range of community activities that are available to us all.

We will again be showing off the versatile Events Centre and making use of the Holloway Street precinct by closing off the road.