The Carterton Community Pulse is a survey we're taking of Carterton residents to find out about what they do and how they experience and interact with the community.

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  • It takes a bit more than five minutes to complete.
  • You can go in the draw for one of two $100 Gift Vouchers donated by Carterton New World
  • Open to all ages - school and up...
  • Closes 9 December midnight
  • For people without internet or a computer we have paper copies at Almos Books (opposite the clocktower) or call Mike on 379 6733 (leave your address if no answer & how many you need) and we'll drop them round

Carterton:2040 A sustainable district

Carterton Events Centre

Hurunui o Rangi Room

Thursday 14 June 7pm to 9pm

All welcome - koha appreciated.

Imagine Carterton in 2040 as a sustainable district. What would it look like? Jobs, food, medical care, transport, education, leisure, water, governance, utilities, clothing, earnings. 
Join us for an interactive session in which YOU contribute your ideas as we draw a vision for Carterton in 2040.
Why are we doing this? If we know what our destination looks like and where it is then we can start setting the route now.
It's a blank canvas; what goes on it is up to you.This is a continuation of the "Living the Change - What's Next" series.

We'll bring the paper, pens, tea, coffee, and cake - you'll bring your imagination, ideas, and creativity.

Note: The meeting was going to be at Heart of Arts, the venue is now the Events Centre.

Workshop 2

This workshop was held at the Carterton Events Centre on 19th May 2016. 

The purpose of this workshop was to look at opportunities for building resilience across the four themes that emerged from Workshop 1 and initiate some projects:

  • Build Community
  • Understand Skills and Resources
  • Develop in a Sustainable Way
  • Be Prepared

Themes and Streams Diagram

For background on how we got to here you can read a brief summary about Resilient Carterton and the outputs from Workshop 1.

Workshop 2 Outputs

Workshop 2 was held on Thursday 19 May at the Carterton Events Centre.

Brainstorming Notes from Workshop 2

The workshop kicked off a number of projects to improve Carterton's resilience.

Resilience Projects - Descriptions and Actions



Workshop 1

This workshop was held at the Carterton Events Centre on 23th March 2016 at 7:30pm. 

The purpose of this workshop was to gain information form a range of Carterton residents on the current state and future desired state of community resilience in the Carterton area.

For background you can read a brief summary about Resilient Carterton.

Workshop Output

The participants answered five questions and there was a huge number of responses. The responses have been collated and grouped into themes under each question. In some cases, the responses seemed better suited to go under a different question. These have been assigned under a "Swaps" column.

Questions and Responses (PDF 230KB)

Questions and Responses (Excel XLSX 90KB)

Images from Workshop 1

Resilient Carterton LogoResilient Carterton

A team of people have been working for the past few months on developing ideas about how we might strengthen the resilience of the community in Carterton.

This resulted in a document that outlines what we believe a resilient community does and how we might go about developing and reinforcing those behaviours.

The document was delivered as a proposal to the Carterton District Council at their December 2015 council meeting. Project Wairarapa is seeking general support in principle for the initiative and for use of the Carterton Events Centre to hold the initial workshops.

Read the Resilient Carterton document (PDF 1.2MB).

Read a one page summary of the Resilient Carterton document (PDF 500kB).

Resilient Carterton - Workshop 1

This event took place at the Carterton Events Centre on Wednesday 23rd March at 7:30pm. 

Read all about Workshop 1 - the background and outputs.

Resilient Carterton - Workshop 2

This event will take place at the Carterton Events Centre on Thursday 19th May - register 7:15pm for 7:30pm start. 

Read about Workshop 2 and what was produced.

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