Carterton:2040 A sustainable district

Carterton Events Centre

Hurunui o Rangi Room

Thursday 14 June 7pm to 9pm

All welcome - koha appreciated.

Imagine Carterton in 2040 as a sustainable district. What would it look like? Jobs, food, medical care, transport, education, leisure, water, governance, utilities, clothing, earnings. 
Join us for an interactive session in which YOU contribute your ideas as we draw a vision for Carterton in 2040.
Why are we doing this? If we know what our destination looks like and where it is then we can start setting the route now.
It's a blank canvas; what goes on it is up to you.This is a continuation of the "Living the Change - What's Next" series.

We'll bring the paper, pens, tea, coffee, and cake - you'll bring your imagination, ideas, and creativity.

Note: The meeting was going to be at Heart of Arts, the venue is now the Events Centre.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."